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Warm Home Discount Scheme

Warm Home Discount Scheme

As part of the Warm Home Discount scheme for this year, Charis was pleased to support a newly obligated supplier that had not participated in the scheme previously.


As Charis has a wealth of experience supporting companies in the energy sector, we were approached to aid in managing the 2017 Warm Home Discount programme for a newly obligated supplier. Charis wanted to ensure that they met all of the energy supplier’s regulatory obligations efficiently and effectively, whilst providing maximum support to their customers.

Charis worked with the client from day one focusing on how we could develop a bespoke scheme that utilised technology to achieve all of the business’ key objectives.


£900,000 of financial support provided


Over 7,000 customers aided by the programme

Design, Build, Deliver

Working in close collaboration, Charis went on to design and develop a programme that could fulfil their requirements.

We designed and managed their customer rebate scheme, which led to the development of a new customer support fund on their behalf. Under our management, this fund could then undertake a range of additional activities to help their vulnerable or indebted customers.

As part of our programme delivery, Charis liaised with the energy regulator and developed paperless application & award processes. We also undertook the financial management of the project, including the reporting of outcomes and auditing.

  • Through the use of innovative new technology and a flexible approach, the first year of running the Warm Home Discount scheme has been a huge success, aiding over 7,000 customers and awarding £900,000 in financial support.

  • Since the positive start of 2017’s scheme we are continuing our partnership with an extended programme of support in 2018.

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