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Park Homes

Park Homes

In 2015 Charis were approached by Ofgem (the government regulator for the gas and electricity markets) and a number of energy suppliers to develop a new initiative to support residents living in park homes.


Research had highlighted that park home owners were an often vulnerable yet forgotten group that were unable to afford to heat their homes. Although the Government offers schemes to help reduce energy bills, and pay for increased heating costs over the winter, the park homes community were mostly unable to access these funds as they didn’t hold direct accounts with the energy providers.

Charis worked closely with Ofgem to understand their requirements and develop a programme that could both support residents with their energy costs and meet regulatory & policy requirements.

Design, Build, Deliver

Following extensive research and collaborative working with Ofgem & energy suppliers, Charis designed a programme that could provide valuable support to park home residents quickly and efficiently.

Following the design phase, Charis were commissioned to build and deliver an initial pilot project that extended the Warm Home Discount £140 rebate payment to 1,660 park home residents.

To deliver the scheme Charis undertook full financial management of the fund, built a database of potential recipients, promoted the scheme widely, engaged key stakeholders and developed a criteria based online application form & telephone helpline for residents to apply.

  • The pilot was a great success with the rebate awarded to eligible residents around the United Kingdom.

  • Through our follow-up research, it was clear the pilot had an immensely positive impact on the residents given support and made a real difference to their lives.

  • Due to the positive impact, Charis was requested to manage a full national rollout.

  • Over the last 3 years of operation park home residents have benefitted from nearly £3m of support with their energy costs.

Case Studies