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Healthy Homes Fund

Healthy Homes Fund

Charis undertook the management of a £11.1 million fund as a result of a voluntary redress agreed between a large energy supplier and the energy regulator, Ofgem.


Charis initially consulted with Ofgem, trustees and the energy supplier to understand how we could effectively tackle the risk of cold related illnesses, whilst also allowing the organisations involved to enhance their capabilities as providers of vital support.

The “Healthy Homes” Fund focused on addressing health problems exacerbated by fuel poverty.

Design, Build, Deliver

Within the strict guidelines of the funding arrangement, Charis undertook the full end-to-end management of the Fund over a two-year period.

Working in collaboration with all stakeholders, Charis designed the tender process, evaluated fund applications and provided all services for the distribution & management of the projects undertaken.

During the delivery phase of over 40 projects throughout England, Wales and Scotland, Charis monitored outcomes, distributed funding, managed the full audit process and final impact evaluation.

  • 179,210 successful services were delivered across the UK.

  • The Healthy Homes programme built a strong charitable network and gave organisations an incentive to take innovative approaches to support vulnerable people in their community.

  • Made a tangible difference to individuals experiencing cold related health issues by providing a wide range of support, including the provision of energy efficient devices and products.

Case Studies