Warm Home Discount Scheme

Charis brings many years’ in-depth experience of working with clients to fulfil their Warm Home Discount objectives. Through the design, development and implementation of Warm Home Discount Schemes, Charis ensures clients provide the maximum support to their customers while meeting all regulatory obligations.

We work with our clients to ensure they are well-prepared to undertake WHD, supporting them in all aspects of the scheme from day one to completion.

Broader Group Rebate Scheme

Charis currently manages Broader Group rebate schemes for more than eight energy suppliers. Since the inception of the scheme, we have worked closely with obligated suppliers to provide their fuel poor customers with a £140 rebate.

Industry Initiative Programme

The Industry Initiative element of the Warm Home Discount scheme allows suppliers to help fuel-poor customers in a number of ways. Activities can include advice on energy saving, provision of energy efficient white goods and help with reducing energy debt.

Charis will work with clients to produce, develop and implement an Industry Initiative programme which fulfils their obligation, meets business objectives and provides the maximum support to their fuel-poor customers.

Park Homes

Charis is the only non-energy supplier to undertake a Warm Home Discount Scheme. Our Ofgem approved scheme delivers support to eligible individuals living in Park Homes. The programme is supported by energy suppliers and delivered through the winter months each year.

This solution allows energy suppliers the opportunity to quickly and easily fulfil their WHD Industry Initiative obligations and support vulnerable individuals living in Park Homes.

The scheme is in its third year and is supported by the National Association of Park Home residents and the Independent Park Home Advisory Service. Last year we delivered almost £1 million to over 5,000 people.

The Park Home scheme for 2017/18 is now open.  To apply, please visit http://www.parkhomeswhd.com or call our team of dedicated agents on 0330 3801040.

Due to an unprecedented demand the Park Homes Warm Home Discount Scheme will be closing soon. Please be sure to submit your application without delay.