Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Charis work with?

Charis works with the following companies and Local Authorities to deliver a number of Charitable Trusts, Hardship Funds, Rebate Schemes, Social Tariffs and Local Authority Welfare Schemes:

• British Gas • EDF Energy • E.ON • nPower • Anglian Water • First Utility • Scottish Power • Ovo • Cambridgeshire County Council • Business Energy Solutions


What help can I get from the Schemes administered by Charis?

Please refer to the individual websites of each of the Schemes. The websites explain who is eligible to apply and the help available. You will find these on the Contacts page.

If you are eligible, you can apply online via this website on the Application Forms page. Or an application can be requested via Charis’ application request line 01733 421060.


Can anyone help me complete my application form?

You are strongly advised to seek free and independent money/debt advice prior to applying for financial help from the Trusts/Funds administered by Charis. Money advice agencies can help with budgeting, benefit claims and support you in making a stronger application to the Trusts/Funds. A good place to start would be to contact either your local Citizens Advice Bureau ( or Advice UK (